Navigating your way through legal matters can be stressful, confusing, and tedious. But with an experienced and understanding law service, it doesn’t have to be.

At Creevey Russell Lawyers, the cornerstone of our firm’s approach is effective communication: we listen to our clients, and formulate legal approaches based on their specific needs. Our highly skilled team members in Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Roma have a drive to deliver the highest quality professional services that our clients require and expect.

We are a full service law firm. Our clientele is broad and diverse, and we have the rich experience to resolve any number of complex matters for developers, corporations, accountants, liquidators and private clients.

Our reach extends throughout western Queensland, with our Brisbane, Toowoomba and Roma offices delivering superior legal services to regional areas and the people who need it most.

Our clients might come for our team, which has the insight, tenacity, and knowledge to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve almost any legal issue. But they stay for the service: at Creevey Russell, we’ll listen, we’ll understand, and we’ll look after you throughout the journey towards resolution.

Whatever your legal matters are, we’ll have someone to help you, and a way to resolve them.