The majority of offences committed in Queensland are charged by the Queensland Police Service. There are, however, a large number of offences that are classified as Commonwealth offences, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Social security/Centrelink fraud;
  • Using a telecommunications service to menace, harass, or cause offence;
  • Tax based offences;
  • Falsifying identification for constitutional flights or to obtain carriage service offences;
  • Importation of illicit items, including drugs, firearms, and sexual material; and
  • Offences against children.

Although Commonwealth Offences can be finalised in the Queensland Courts, the laws pertaining to these types of offences is vastly different to the legislation governing Queensland based offences. For example, in order to receive the benefit of no conviction being recorded for a Commonwealth Offence, a particular sentence must be imposed by the Courts, whereas the discretion as to whether or not a conviction is recorded is much wider for Queensland charges.

Proceedings of a Commonwealth Offence often require a legal practitioner to have much closer regard to the conflicting sentencing principles and often a greater level of preparation is required to help ensure the best outcome is achieved for a particular individual.

Creevey Russell Lawyers has expertise in representing individuals facing all types of Commonwealth based charges, and can work closely with you to help achieve the best outcome for your particular circumstance. Creevey Russell Lawyers will not take short-cuts, and give you comprehensive advice to ensure your interests are being properly protected.