Traffic laws in Queensland are contained in a number of different pieces of legislation. Most commonly, however, lawyers will often be engaged to represent individuals facing drink driving and drug driving offences, careless driving and dangerous driving offences, and offences associated with driving whilst their license is suspended or disqualified. Creevey Russell Lawyers has the expertise and experience to represent you in relation to all traffic matters, to help ensure you get the best outcome available in your particular circumstance.


Unlicensed Driving, Suspensions, and Disqualified Driving Offences

A person’s authority to drive on a Queensland road can be removed for a large variety of reasons. Creevey Russell Lawyers routinely represents individuals facing disqualified driving, unlicensed driving, and driving whilst suspended charges. Our team of lawyers have detailed knowledge of the relevant law, and can promptly provide you with representation for all types of traffic proceedings.


Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle and Careless Driving 

Unlike other States, Queensland legislation provides for two different categories of offences for individuals involved in these types of incidents. Driving without due care and attention (commonly referred to as careless driving) is classified as a traffic offence, whereas dangerous operation of a motor vehicle (also referred to as dangerous driving) is categorised as a criminal offence, and is contained within the Queensland Criminal Code.


Drink Driving and Drug Driving Offences

It is an offence to drive over the legal alcohol limit, under the influence of drugs or with a relevant drug is present in your breath or saliva. If you are found guilty of such offence the Court must disqualify an individual from holding or obtaining a driver’s license for a period of time. Having representation for such matters greatly increase your chances  at Court for a reduced sentence and we can help determine if you are eligible  for a special license.


Work License Applications

A work license is a restricted type of license that is issued to an individual who requires a license for purposes directly connected with their means of earning a living. The criteria that needs to be met is strict, and it is important that proper representation is obtained to help improve the chances of the application being granted, as your livelihood may be dependent on it.


Special Hardship License Applications 

Similar to a work license application, there are specific criteria that need to be met in order for an individual to  be eligible for a special hardship license. If you are facing a license suspension due to the accumulation of demerit points or a high-range speeding offence, please call our expert team of lawyers without delay to discuss the possibility of whether or not you may be eligible to make an application.


Application to Remove License Disqualificatio

An individual who is facing a lengthy license disqualification of greater than two (2) years can, at the conclusion of a two year period of suspension, make an application to the Court to have any further period of disqualification lifted. If you are facing a lengthy period of disqualification and wish to make this application, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information as to how our team of dedicated lawyers can best assist.