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Our Service Promise


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Setting the Bar

We set our service standards at a level of excellence: they guide our practice, and we deliver on our service promises with a commitment to uphold them with transparency and accountability.

We want you to understand what you can expect from us because we are proud of our capability to take the best professional care of you and your matter.

We’ve created a culture of fairness, openness, and accountability. Our staff are highly trained, and committed to fulfilling our service guarantee with their professional support as well as their legal acumen.

We understand that a big part of service excellence is delivering advice and assistance within specific time frames. We also understand that some matters are urgent which is why we have the resources and capacity to work outside of hours when we need to deliver fast results.

Because we take our promises seriously we welcome your feedback on our performance as we strive to provide you with the best legal services available.

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We will provide you with a quality service by:

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Recognising that individual client needs are unique. We will personalise our service, and provide you with advice that fits those needs;

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Delivering clear, accurate, timely and relevant services and advice;

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Ensuring accessibility to senior members of the team, and direct contact with those who thoroughly understand your matter; and

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Treating you with the dignity, respect and support we would give our most important client, not treating you as another number.

At Creevey Russell Lawyers, we have an ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence to our clients. Our capacity to provide professional and supportive legal advice and services is what makes us unique and what drives our growth and development as a firm.