Property Law update – What do the Proposed overhaul of unit development regulations in Toowoomba mean?

Unit Development in Toowoomba is set for a major overhaul with the Toowoomba Regional Council (‘TRC’) announcing proposed changes to the planning scheme that further regulates the location and types of development in residential areas throughout the Toowoomba region. This announcement is in response to community concerns and frustration over the past years with the type and volume of units and small block developments that were being developed throughout residential zones.

In response to community feedback TRC is proposing amendments to the planning scheme to help better plan for the region’s growth. Examples include:-

  1. Identifying certain areas within the region that are located in close proximity to certain services and facilities such as major non-industrial employers, shopping centres, parks and major uses including the University of Southern Queensland.
  2. Within these Nodes unit/small lot developments will be encouraged provided the development meets code requirements;
  3. Impose stricter requirements on the types of development that will occur outside a Node;
  4. Proposed Small Lot Housing Design Code that will address certain issues such as parking, privacy and fencing; and
  5. Impose stricter requirements for the development of Hatchet Lots (also known as battle axe lots).

The changes as proposed by TRC are open to public consultation until 9 September 2016. Should you require advice regarding the proposed changes and how it will affect you or wish to make a submission in response to these proposed changes Creevey Russell Lawyers would be pleased to assist you.

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