Update on Shattercane Class Action

Mallonland Pty Ltd v Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd

Supreme Court of Queensland at Brisbane Representative Proceeding 4103/17



In April 2017, Creevey Russell Lawyers launched Queensland’s first class action against Advanta Seeds Pty Ltd. Advanta previously traded under the name Pacific Seeds and will be well known to many sorghum growers.

What it’s all about

The claim relates to the supply of grain sorghum seed for planting called MR43 Elite which was contaminated with shattercane seed.

The Advanta class action presents growers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective chance of recovering compensation for reduced yields over land infected with shattercane.

You may be entitled to a part of any proceeds

The claim is made on behalf of all those people who between 2010 and 2014 either conducted a business in Queensland or New South Wales for the planting and commercial cultivation and sale of sorghum and used MR43 seed purchased from Advanta to plant and cultivate that sorghum or alternatively are owners of land on which MR43 seed was planted.

If you are one of these people and you have been impacted by shattercane, you will be entitled to a share of any damages obtained from Advanta. This is at no cost or risk to you, but we need to know who you are to advance your claim.

New South Wales Growers

The claim has been amended to include New South Wales growers who have also been effected by Shattercane.   Dan Creevey will be travelling to the Liverpool Plains area in New South Wales in the near future to meet with effected growers on their properties.  Further details will be provided shortly.

Current Status and updates

All updates and court documents filed in this matter to date, including a copy of the Claim and Statement of Claim, Defence and Reply can be found on the Creevey Russell Lawyers website at www.creeveyrussell.com.au/shattercane-class-action/.

What you need to do

If you purchased or planted MR43 seed between 2010 and 2014 and have been infected with shattercane , you need to make yourself known to us. We can then advise you whether you will be entitled to a share of any final payment obtained from Advanta. There is no risk or cost for you in doing so. The only risk is that you do not get in contact with us and consequentially miss out on a payment that could otherwise be made to you.

To advance things, please contact Dan Creevey on 07 4617 8777, or register your interest at www.creeveyrussell.com.au/shattercane-class-action/.

Information Evening

Creevey Russell Lawyers will be hosting an information evening in their Toowoomba offices on 18 July 2017 for those farmers already involved and any farmers looking to be involved in this class action. 

Further information and invitations will be sent out and posted on the website shortly.

Dan Creevey
Creevey Russell Lawyers
Ph: 07 4617 8777