A work license is a restricted type of license that is issued to an individual who requires a license for purposes directly connected with their means of earning a living. There are strict criteria that need to be met in order to ensure that a person is eligible for a work license, and to help improve the likelihood of the application being granted by the Court.

A work license application can only be made in circumstances where an individual holds an open driver’s license, and has been charged with a low-range or mid-range drink driving offence, or charged with the offence of driving whilst relevant drug present in breath of saliva (the equivalent of a low-range drink driving offence). Whilst there are other criteria that also need to be met, an individual who is charged with other offences, such as an offence of driving whilst under the influence of liquor or driving whilst disqualified by Court Order, is not eligible for a work license. It is important to note that a work license only permits an individual to drive for purposes directly connected with their means of earning a living.

If you are charged with an offence and wish to explore the possibility of being issued with a work license, please contact our experienced team of lawyers for more detail and assistance. The criteria that needs to be met is strict, and it is important that proper representation is obtained to help improve the chances of the application being granted, as your livelihood may be dependent on it.